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Rains County Chamber of Commerce

About us

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

The Rains County Chamber of Commerce goal is is provide an atmosphere where business owners and community leaders can meet and help support each other. By understanding each others perspective we can build a better environment to promote growth and commerce.

"Chamber members do business with chamber members they know."

Our Mission

The mission adopted by the Chamber is to achieve the following objectives within our communities:

1.    To promote all facets of the county through leadership, community involvement, and economic development.

2.    To develop innovative ideas and goals for the growth and marketing of goods and commerce.

3.     To develop common interests, educate, and provide an environment for the creation and growth of commerce and quality of life for all its members.

4.      To preserve and encourage the competitive free enterprise system.

5.      To promote higher business standards, better business methods, and encourage uniformity and cooperation in the business community 

6.      Establish and maintain integrity of the local commercial market in Rains County.

The Chamber is here to help you, your business, and our county!   COME GROW WITH US!

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The Rains Chamber is at work for you every day.  Our mission is to lead and support economic growth and development in Rains County


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